Preschool room

Age range: 3-4 year olds

The Pre-school room is bright and vibrant and provides friendly environment in which children have the opportunity to form friendships and build on their knowledge and understanding.

We provide activities for the children that enable them to develop skills which will be used in later life, social skills communication skills and the importance of health and self care. 

Our preschool rooms consists of defined areas in different rooms which provide a free-flow feeling so that each area links to the next; enabling the children to connect their ideas and apply them to all areas of development.


In the preschool room, the double doors open to create an indoor/outdoor feel to allow children to explore both environments independently. 

The staff members ensure a balance of child-initiated and adult-led activities  are provided throughout the day which are intended to promote the children’s learning and prepare them for their Reception year at school.

 We encourage our children to become even more independent in this room and provide a range of  activities they can complete on their own or with the support of others. From hand washing, toileting, recognising their own name, blossoming friendships and new independence the preschool children enjoy preparing for school.

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Pre-School Room Practitioner

Elaine Grosvenor- 4 days Tuesday-Friday

Level 3 CACHE working with children

With us since 2007


Pre-School Room Leader

Mel Wood- full time Monday- Friday

Level 3 in Children's care learning and development 

Lead SEN co-ordinator

With us since 2011


Pre-School Room Practitioner

Danielle Greenhalgh- 3 days Tuesday-Thursday


Level 3 Diploma in children and young people

With us since 2021