Toddler room 

Age range: 2-3 year olds

 We encourage our children to become more independent in this area and provide creative activities they can complete on their own or with the support of others.


The activities in this room still focus mainly on prime areas of learning; physical development; personal, social, emotional development and communication and language. However, we extend more into the specific areas of learning such as mathematics, literacy, expressive arts and design and understanding the world.


To encourage our children, we base our play and activities on the interests of the children and their specific needs.

As this room accommodates children of a large age range, we ensure all learning opportunities in the room are differentiated so they are challenging enough for our three year olds but also accessible to our children who have just turned two. Each and every resource in the room is carefully planned for to create our exciting and personalised learning space.

Within this room, our children go through many key development stages such as toilet training and we work closely with our families to ensure we have a consistent approach to support our children. 



Toddler Room Practitioner

Courtney Wilson- 3 days Wednesday- Friday 

Level 3 in childcare and education 

Deputy SEN co-ordinator

With us since 2018


Toddler Room Leader

Rebecca Hewitt- full time Monday-Friday

Foundation Degree in Educational studies level 6

Deputy safeguarding lead officer

With us since 2014


Toddler Room Practitioner

Donna Pendlebury- 2 days varied

Level 3 in Children's care, learning and development

With us since 2006