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Baby room 

Age range: 6 weeks- 2 years old
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The baby room is where we support children under two to learn and develop. Because children at this age need greater adult support and input, we always have a ratio of at least one adult to every three children.

The under two’s have access to a wide range of activities including heuristic play, sharing songs and stories and a wide range of sensory experiences.

We aim to create an environment in which babies are encouraged to explore the world around them. A black and white area, small world area, a cosy corner, a large ball pool, heuristic and sensory area and a calm ready corner are just some of the areas we have implemented within the baby room. With some babies starting nursery from as young as 6 weeks old, we also developed a smaller, cosy, calm section of the baby room to create a home from home environment for our tiny babies. 

We provide a range of activities which support a child’s early development specifically the prime areas of learning; physical development; personal, social, emotional development and communication and language. Areas of learning we consider to be the most important at such a young age.

 The baby room staff plan activities based around the babies interest to encourage stimulation and a love of learning. We do have a routine in the baby room but this is flexible as we go with the needs of a children as we understand that routines can be very different as each child is individual for example: some babies have two sleeps, some babies are baby led weaning, some babies are breast fed, so we try to mimic their home routine to help them settle as quickly as possible.


  Many of our activities in this room are sensory and exploration based to encourage our children to explore the world around them and create the foundations of a love for learning. With small group time, baby sensory, singing and a outdoor play area specifically designed for babies, we try to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our babies! 

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Baby Room Leader

Amy Balmer- full time Monday- Friday

BA Honours Degree in Children's & Young People's Services

Level 6

With us since 2019

Baby room practitioner

Nastasha Mahon- full time Monday- Friday 


Level 3 in Childcare and Education

With us since 2019